Oasis & Desert


The Egyptian Oases are spread across the Western Desert with a series of large depressions, some of them fed by artesian wells and support agricultural communities.

Five of these are major Oases, and together make up the New Valley Province (Muhafazat al-Wādi al-Gadid). The four inner oases are connected by a trans-desert road that leaves Cairo through Giza and pass through Al-Bahriyyah, Al-Farafrah, Al-Dakhlah, and Al- Khargah oases.

The Oases have a great history since the age of the Pharaohs and have historical remains till now. The early history of the oases is obscure, but during the late prehistoric times, they were places of refuge for bands of hunters during the desiccation of the Sahara. The Oases were important trade and agricultural hubs as early as the Old Kingdom. A recent discovery revealed a vast Middle Kingdom burial ground known as the Valley of the Golden Mummies near Bahariyya. During the Greco-Roman period, the oases thrived due to the protection, and the Roman military provided over trade coming from the south.

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