Terms and conditions

Contact person:
Once you send the request, you will be in contact with an operator from Luna Travel Egypt Company for helping you and for answering any question from your part. You can be in contact with your operator during all the period prior to your arrival to Egypt, not only till making the reservation of your required service. Also, you can still be in contact with your operator after your arrival to Egypt via our free cell phone which we provide you at your arrival day.
After reaching to an acceptable agreement or satisfactory form of your package or excursion, it should be sent a pre-payment to secure the booking of your tour, for the beginning of our services in this regard, which means, book hotels, boats, cars, entrance tickets to the tourist places, … etc.,  and to ensure availability of accommodation. We have three payment methods: bank transfer, Western Union and online payment via our website with Visa or Master Card.
The down payment is 25% from the total amount and if you take tours during the high seasons of Christmas, New Year and Easter or in case of groups, it will be 50% of the total cost. This money can be sent via bank transfer, Western Union or online via our website. It’s high recommended to send the deposit once you take the decision to book the agreed tour to guarantee space.
Rest of payment:
The rest of payment should be paid upon arrival by Cash or credit card, Visa or Master Card or American Express, to our representative who will meet you at the first pick up place.
With great pleasure we can make you any required changes to the original service, but it depends on the availability. In this case, your operator check for you the possibility of all required changes and arrange for you everything.
Payment via credit card:
In case of paying the deposit or the balance or both of them via credit card, kindly provide us with the following documents required by our bank:
  • Copy of both sides of the credit card which has been used to pay
  • Another copy of the passport of the holder.
Both copies must be signed and the signature must be the same as that on credit card and passport.
Methods to send the mentioned documents:
  • Scanned via email before arrival.
  • At the same day of arrival where you can give personally to the Safina Tours representative.
Payment via bank transfer & Western Union:
After sending the down payment, please provide us with a scanned copy of the receipt by mail or fax in order to follow the money input with the bank in case of bank transfer, and to send our representative to receive the money in case of Western Union.
Details of our bank accounts:
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Final confirmation:
When everything is ok, you decided to take the tour and sent us the down payment, our operator begins immediately all bookings and arrangements, which means, send to book hotels, boats, guides, vehicles and so on., and when the operator has everything ready, which means, all bookings are confirmed, he send you a document called “Final Confirmation of the Tour”. When you receive this document, kindly read it, revise it well and reply us with “confirmed” in case that everything is ok, or with your comments, in case that there is a mistake or something not found from the contracted services.
Cancellation Policy:
In case that you want to cancel the reserved tour, please send us a fax or an email asking Luna Travel Egypt to cancel the contracted services. In this case the following charges should be applied:
– More than 40 days prior to arrival: 5% of the total amount.
– Between 40 and 30 days prior to arrival: 10% of the total amount.
– Between 29 and 16 days before arrival: 25% of the total amount.
– Between 15 and 08 days before arrival: 50% of the total amount.
– Between 07 and 0 days before arrival: 100% of the total amount.
Cancellation Policy during the Peak Periods:
– More than 40 days before arrival: 5% of the total amount.
– Between 40 and 30 days before arrival: 25% of the total amount.
– Between 29 and 16 days before arrival: 50% of the total amount.
– Between 15 and 0 days before arrival: 100% of the total amount.
According to the above cancellation policy, the refund will be made to the same card or bank account.
If you face any problem during your tour, please call Luna Travel Egypt and we get to solve it immediately. Our concern and priority is your satisfaction. Also, if after you return home, you feel that you are not satisfied, please send us an email explaining everything that you didn’t like during your tour and of course your email will be highly regarded by us. This will be great gratitude from your part that helping us to improve our services.
Contact information: